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10 Years
Mar 14, 2009
central MN
I'm not sure what is going on? About 2-3 weeks ago I noticed a few of my chickens had caked on poopy butts. I washed everyone but they are still having runny poops. They are eating and drinking well but one seems a little thinner I think. They are acting fine. There is also dried blood on some of the eggs here and there. They are 9 months old and have been laying for 4 months or so. They are just eating 16% crumble with oyster shells mixed in and treats like yogurt and rice and other goodies. They have been pretty much stuck in their coop since it has been so cold. Not sure what I can do or if they are even sick? The poop seem watery sometimes because it looks like it freezes on their tail feathers. I just make sure their butts are kept clean so they can poop but I just wonder what is going on?

You can only usually see worms when they have a heavy load of them. I'd take some samples (just put a few fresh ones together
) into the vet and ask for a fecal float. I should run around $20, but you might want to call and ask first. You could also just worm them with wazine, but I don't really like to do that because--1. You have to toss the eggs for a couple of weeks and I don't like to do that unless I know they have worms and need the meds. 2. If it's not worms you're putting extra stress on their systems and still not treating the problem.

ETA: Check out the infamous poop page and see if anything there matches what you're seeing. http://www.chat.allotment.org.uk/index.php?topic=17568.0
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well all summer and fall I always added a little food grade DE to their bedding and food to keep down the flies but since it is winter and no bugs here in MN outside I haven't been doing any DE. So tonight I mixed some in with some of their yogurt and will sprinkle on their feed from now on and see if that helps. I looked for any worm but not seeing anything in their poop. I guess the DE should help if it is worms and I'll keep an eye on everyone for now. Hopefully they will be ok. I just have 6 hens and have gotten so attached. Of course my fave is the one that seems most effected....isn't that always the case.

thanks for your help
DE is good to keep things under control, but won't be enough if they are carrying heavy loads of worms or if you have a mite/lice thing going on. Hope you get it figured out, and yes, it's almost always the favorite.

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