Poor chicken wont stand up


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Mar 30, 2014
I heard one of my chicken eggs chirp today and waited and hour and looked back and nothing happened! I cracked it open and the poor chick was bleeding from its rear end. It laid down for a while and it started chirping loudly. I went to check on it and it couldn't stand up. It's in the incubator right now struggling but I would hate to kill it. Help?


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You shouldn't have intervened. Chicks chirp in the egg just before hatching, however they are busy absorbing the last of the egg yolk and detaching itself from the inside of the egg. This chirping is just the chick making contact with the outside world, not calling for help. So try to resist breaking the chick out when you hear this chirping or see pipping thru the shell.

At this point, there is nothing you can do. I would suggest keeping this little in a brooder with 100 degree heat. This may or may not help him to heal. He may not make it. Keep him by himself with no other chicks so he can heal. Don't try to feed him or anything. Just let him be and hope for the best.


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The chick was not ready to hatch as evidenced by the bleeding. Wrap it in a moistened paper towel. If it manages to absorb the remainder of the yolk, it may survive.

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Please give the little chick a chance, if you were born early and bleeding, you wouldn't be walking around either. He has a chance to heal if he is alone so no chicks peck at him or climb all over him.

Please follow the good advice that was given to you
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