Poor Clover is limping


May 23, 2016
New Hampshire
My 9 week old Pekin female Clover started with a slight limp about a week ago. Favoring her right leg. Naturally, first thing I checked was the bottom of her foot. Totally clean, soft, kissable widdle baby duck foot. :)
Leg doesn't appear warm or swollen. It just seems she is kinda walking on her toes.
Have checked it again a couple of days ago to be sure I didn't miss something that may have been just starting, but still nothing.
She has always been the most clutzy of my flock. For the longest time she couldn't figure out how to use the stairs to get into the pool, and would really scratch and scramble at the side and finally just fall in face first. Same thing getting out. So I don't know if she may have pulled something being clumsy, or if she is clumsy because of a foot problem. Plenty of niacin in her diet always, pool is kept really clean to encourage swimming and soaking the leg. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Video here:

chickens really

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Sep 8, 2015
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Lol... Thanks for the encouragement.
I do not mean to be blunt.....She will be fine. Mine limp from time to time also. They gag and get the poops. Still healthy ducks always.


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Jan 3, 2010
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Yes, looks like it is probably a pulled muscle. Those can take over a week to heal up. If she's cuddly, you could help the process with Epsom salt compresses. Do not let her drink the Epsom salt water, it is a laxative. Just soak a clean rag in E.s. solution, and wrap it on the leg for several minutes (while you hold her) once or twice a day.

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