Poor Desi....we lost Lucy!


11 Years
Jul 17, 2008
North Central Florida
On our last hatch, we chose to keep one pair of cochin bantams....Desi & Lucy. Everyday, while we are home, we let them out to free range, eat bugs, play and stretch their legs. Last night, at dust dark (as always), the kids go put everyone up and take a head count. DS came in concerned that Lucy was missing, but he thought he knew her fate.

Because she and Desi are so small (only 2 months old), I assumed she was nested under one of our hens, but as a good mommy....thought I would put his mind to rest. He takes me to the swimming pool skimmer. I reassure him and pull the lid....sadly, he was right. Poor girl must have fallen in and drowned. She and Desi are still small enough to squeeze under the fence to the pool.... It's just SO sad!

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