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  1. My brother ordered 2 ducks from metzer farms, Welsh Harlequin. They were suppose to be here Wednesday but they lost the package and it finally arrived 1 day late. 1 of WH died but the other one was very sick. We got him back to health and he is doing a lot better following me around.
    Here's Joker

    Our problem is he can't be left alone he has to be alone to see someone. We've tried to just leave him and see if he will quit but he won't. I think he is lonely :/

    Any ideas on to fix this, thanks in advanced :D

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    Sorry for the loss of Joker's sibling. :( The best thing to do here would be to get him another friend (or two) as soon as possible. Ducks don't do well alone, they are flock animals. They become very stressed when left alone (as you have already found out by his screaming whenever you leave his side). Not sure where you live, but apparently it's fairly easy to find ducklings for sale at Tractor Supply Stores? Or maybe other feed stores, but this is probably not the best time of year to get ducklings. There may not be so many available. You can always try to order more from Metzer, but the age difference by the time you get them might be too great (Joker may be too old/big and pick on new little guys).

    Honestly though, even chicks will work as companions for your little Joker if you are unable to find more ducklings right now. Just get him some friends as fast as you can and he'll be ok. ;)

  3. Ok thank
    The problem is it is already 50 degrees here and our ducks live outside we do keep them in side when they are a ducklings. Metzer was going to send us one the next week but we wouldn't be here. So we wouldn't be able to get one until spring because Metzer's shipping schedule.
    Our feed store won't get any ducklings until next spring too!

    I but a mirror and a stuffed animal the same size as him, he seems to be doing better. He is laying next to the stuffed animal and then every once in awhile he will go in front of the mirror.
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    Do you have a neighbor that can receive your duckling package from Metzers while you are not there? And get the new little buddies set up (they won't ship just one) until you return. Or see if they have anything they could ship the following week.
    You will have a sad lonely duckling or one that is going to be entirely attached to you if there isn't some real duckling friends soon.
    Have you checked CL or any other local options to see if anybody happens to have a young duckling available?

  5. I'll try to talk to metzer again according to online the WH aren't available anymore :/ hopefully there is at least 2 females :fl
    I could probably talk to my neighbor, she also has ducks, never thought of that :eek:

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    Totally would do it for you if I could[​IMG]

  7. Aww thanks :hugs

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