Poor Duckling


Nov 3, 2018
NWFL...Floribama basically
First time posting. I have searched the posts for the past 24hrs and I THINK my duckling has splayed legs, but not 100% sure. It looks so much different than all the photos I have seen. what should be the tops of its feet are on the bottom. It needed help, its membrane was most definitely starting to harden to it. I got it hatched, and mostly fluffy, today we swam, but it just wanted to hang out in the bowl, no swimming. When it is in the brooder, it moves like crazy. Currently on Purinia Flock raiser and just started adding Life-Lytes to the water. (Has niacin in it) Have been looking around for brewers yeast, but 0 here. May have to order some. Also have done a little PT to try to get it to strengthen them legs a bit. Born on 11/1. Any ideas? Attached the best picture i could get. The little bugger won't stop moving.


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Post a pic of the feet you can makes shoes also using plastic from a butter container or something similar cut it to fit the feet then tape the plastic to keep from cutting the skin then place the feet on top of the shoes and use vet wrap to attach then hobble. Sure doesn’t hurt to give this duckling a fair chance. Does it seem to be suffering?


Usually spraddle legs doesn't mean the duckling is suffering it just needs help to get it's legs under it. And shoes can help get the feet going in the proper position.

Only you can decide if there is no hope for your duckling I am glad to hear you want to give it more time. It does take time for some things to correct.
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Also keep it on a flat, but non slippery surface like an old towel which looks like you are doing. . that seems to help. I have had some hatch that I think spent too much time in the egg and their feet seemed curled up some. Maybe Not as bad as yours, but it was perfectly fine after a couple of days without any other assistance from me. :)

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