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Oct 4, 2009
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my poor EE pullets are being treated like prostitutes! all 4 of the boys go straight for the 2 EEs like there isn't another hen for miles around. they almost completely ignore the 10 other girls in the yard. i just don't know what to do about it. the EEs had taken to hiding in the coop while everyone else was in the yard so they could find some peace and quite. i've been sticking them in the safe room with my gimpy Wyandotte so they could relax a little, but that isn't a long term solution.

i just don't understand why those two girls are getting all the (unwanted) attention? are they about to start laying my first eggs? is it because their markings (white and gray) stand out more? if this keeps up, i'm going to have two extremely over-fertilized little EEs.
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Might I suggest one of two things. Keep those two out from the roos for a while, then re-introduce them. Or, take the roos out and give the girls a break. I would do the first, it might make the boys even hornier if you keep them away from all of the girls.
I'd buy some chicken saddles for the EE's also. Chicken saddles will help protect your EE's backs and sides from the roos toenails. I'm sure someone on this site sells them.
i've pulled the EE girls out, as i said, and put them in the safe room. about 3 days a week, i lock the boys in coop and let all the girls (and my Silkie roo who is the best little man) have the afternoon to just chill out and relax. they seem to enjoy it.

i'm looking into hen saddles, but they aren't really pulling feathers out so bad. it's more that they are spending a LOT of time being squished by the much larger boys, who think they have to tag-team the poor things. one boy will catch one of them by the neck and the others rush over to have their turn. the EEs are just pinned to the ground and panicking. all the while, there are 10 other hens going about their business unbothered. it just doesn't make sense.
I have the same thing with my maniacal BO roo. He won't leave the 2 BO hens alone. My theory is that the other hens are smart/ornery enough to avoid him and the sweet, dumb little BO's are too submissive to resist. I pulled them out permanently when Peep first ran in the back door and then flew up to my shoulder in a panic when I put her outside. They seem content in confinement.
yeah, the rest of my hens just give the Big Boys the stink eye and move along. my BO girls are having none of that, but the Brahma sisters must be destined for the nunnery because they will shut down the romance so fast the Boys don't even realize what's happened. my BO roo is a pretty good boy, it's my Brahma and EE roos that have constant romance on the brain and almost solely with the poor EE hens.

my little Silkie roo is the best thing i've ever seen. i would pay seriously good money to have some Big Boys that were as good at their job and as gentlemanly as him. he even attacks the Big Boys (and my Brahma is about 4x his size) when they are too rough with the girls.
My rooster is the same way! It's always the EE. Never the others. I just don't get it.
The EE isn't the easiest for him to catch, either....
Killer, our 'teen' roo, LOVES our 3 NHR's. He mostly ignores the 5 others, though he does get them at least once a day. The NHR's necks are patchy from feather pulling but their backs are ok. He's decent with them but, OMG he breeds them constantly. I was collecting eggs and feeding this morning and Killer got Bertha at least 15 times in under an hour. They don't seem to mind so I'm not worried too much. The others though, will fake laying to avoid him when I let him out of his box in the mornings when he's at his worst.
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