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    Jun 5, 2016
    backyard chicken expert advice needed:
    We have four (1 yr old) hens and two (8week old) pullets who are all integrated. 1 of our chickens has some mild dominate tendencies but no major pecking order stuff. A friend of ours has a very picked on hen with a ton of balding b/c her flock is just so dang hard on her. We are trying to help re-home her and introduce her to our flock. She spent the day in the yard outside the coop. We decided to let them interact a little and nothing major happened, but basically each hen showed her a little aggressiveness in turn. I've never really seen any of our chicks display aggression, but the new girl did seem to do some "weak" posturing to the others-which may have provoked their animal nature stuff...They are separated again, and I plan to keep it that way for a while.
    ANY thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Or perhaps, we should give her to another flock...
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    I'm not sure. You might get more answers if you post your question in the Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying or Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures forums.
    I hope this helped!

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