Poor sick baby :(


Mad Scientist
14 Years
Jun 1, 2008
My 15 month old just got over strep(which 2 doctors told us it is rare they get it before 2) which NO ONE in the house has but he just finished his meds and now he has an ear infection
. Apparetly the antibiotic that they(not his primary Dr.) used to treat strep won't do anything to an ear infection.....my poor boy. His pediatrician wants to do bloodwork next week(my boy talke 3 people to draw blood) if his tonsils and lymph nodes are still swollen. He thinks he might have mono. We could use any positive thoughts etc anyone could provide...I know things could be much worse but I just feel so bad for my baby...
I really hope it is not mono..I had it in my teens and since then on, whenever I do get sick, it hits me hard..but..antibiotics scare me..I have seen too many problems with it..when my daughter had an ear infection I used garlic mullen ear oil..and it worked wonderfully..never had another ear ache ever.

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