Poorly chicken with wet feathers

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  1. DeeBeDo

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    Sep 13, 2016
    Hi Guys,
    I'm hoping someone may have an idea of whats wrong with my chicken. 'Nutmeg' has been a bit off recently (although still eating and drinking) however she has lost a lot of weight, her comb has turned dark red and her feathers under her wings are sopping wet. I treated her for red mites as I identified some in her skin (not a bad infestation though) but her feathers are something I haven't seen before. Her vent area is ok and the feathers there are still dry, clean and fluffy its just under her wings and a bit on her back. I have a picture of it. Sorry new to this site so hope its ok to put up pics. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Dee

  2. lisameow

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    Jun 18, 2016
    Australia, QLD
    Im not sure but maybe she has cysts of some sort that have developed under the wings and they've started to leak? Definitely get help from a professional though because it might be serious
  3. It looks like she has a infection in her wing feathers....I can not help you really? Put her on an antibiotic for sure!

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