Poorly hen will be put down if she doesn't recover before next Saturday :( PLEASE HELP


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Jul 29, 2016
My 4 year old White Sussex hen is very poorly :(.
She is lighter, than the other chook, who is fine.
She is hardly moving, her eyes are closed or almost closed.
She isnt laying (hasnt done for a while).
Her poop is just white liquid, no brown or solid.
She has been like this for around a week.
She is acting very depressed and moving slowly.
She is pale, and falls over backwards and sideways a lot, sometimes just sitting there until I pick her up.
Her wings are by her side and she cant get up the ladder rungs anymore (in the Omlet Eggcube).
She only eats little bits of food out if my hand, which I sometimes soak in water with apple cider vinegar so she gets fluid.
She has a small hard lump in her throat/neck region and a larger lump further down. Her comb is smaller, and she is paler.

Any help appreciated!

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Forgot to say we have also been massaging the lumps in case it is something stuck.

Also her vent is damp and pooey, as is the other chook's. Although it has been like that before she got ill.
The lumps have gone now (I think) so it probably isnt that.
She also hasn't laid this year, so I think shes stopped laying anyway, but thanks for your replies!

She is now very week, cannot stand, and she seems very tired. I don't kniw if she'll make it :(
She is sleeping now, has done for a while. She makes weird noises when asleep, is this normal?
She's gone downhill :( all day she has been sleeping and in between sleeps she wont do much

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