Pop bottle waters vs pet bottle tube waterers


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Nov 27, 2007
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I would be interested if any of you use pop bottle waterers or pet bottle waterers for their birds, whether they are in pens or taking them to swaps and such. If so, which do you prefer and why? Thanks.
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Bottle waterers designed specifically for dogs seem to work better for me. The tubes are bigger and it seems like the water flow is better. A slightly thirsty chicken will learn really quickly to drink from the bottle.
I use containers with poultry nipples. They don't drip so no soggy litter (unless it's chicks... they seem to enjoy splashing it everywhere). Every small animal bottle I've used has dripped.
I have used the nipples before and like them. But the application I want to use is for cages to take to swaps. Yes, I've wondered about the water bottles dripping, plus you have to fill them to the top or they drip to begin with. Enola, thanks for the tip about the dog bottles. I'll look into those.
I don't transport my chickens, but I LOVE these nipple waterers in bottles. They don't drip and are easy to use and hang with bent coat hangers. See the pictures attached.

You can purchase these nipples dirt cheap from Ebay for about $3 for 5 shipped from China.

Notice the little hole at the top with the black circle around it. You need that for the nipple to work properly so that air pressure inside doesn't stop the nipple from working.

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