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Okay so i know absolutely nothing about genetics, but i love the porcelain color. i know it exists in d'uccles, and pyncheons, also guineas, and silkies but thats a diff. porcelain. is it possible to breed the porcelain color into other breeds such as say bantam cochins? if so how would i do this?
I heard you would mate a buff with a lavender and you would get splits out of that. I have no clue. lol
But I think thats what you do.
To get real porcelain, you need to mate a lavender to a mille fleur, then mate the offspring together. Both lavender and mottle are necessary, and both are recessive, so that is why you don't breed back to parents. You have no chance of inheriting both genes if you do.
Love to! But I only hatched boys. I'm keeping a lav to breed to blacks, and in about a year I'll have lav girls to mate to the mille, if he feels like waiting!
With all the people working on the Mille Fleur color in bantam Cochin, I am sure the Porcelain will be next in the works Actually, I bet there are people working on it already, but many are trying to get the Mille Fleur color perfected and to breed true first, then maybe the self blue can be introduced in order to get the Porcelain. Along with perfecting the Mille Fleur color, achieving the Cochin "type" is of utmost importance. I bet they would be gorgeous!

I've seen them in photos at "the Coop"! The isabels are beautiful, too! I have two black cochin pullets, with buff mothers, who are no good for showing (white lacing in chest). I'm gonna see what they can make with one of my mille boys, while I make lavs with my lav boys, and I'm in business!

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