Porcelain D'uccle pullets/eggs

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    Feb 21, 2010
    Again...about the same story as last post, while my daughter was in hospital, we lost our only porcelain duccle hen, and some outcross chicks...so i have this only rooster and no mates! Need some Porcelain Duccle hens or pullets...or will buy straight run chicks or even hatching eggs, so i dont have to find a home for this pretty guy. This is my last effort here. My kids are wanting to keep him in the worst way...he is our little dog of the yard. We really do love him. If you can offer any assistance, please let me know. I am willing to try eggs. Thanks.
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    I won't have eggs for at least 6 weeks, maybe more, on the Porcelains here, but I could offer Mille Fleur over Lavender within a week or so. I haven't test hatched, so you could have them for the cost of shipping. The Milles and Lavs are both wonderful looking, but your hatched birds will not look like Porcelains- they will produce Porcelains with your roo, however. You'd get Lavs, Mottleds, Milles and Porcelains.

    I'm zip 66044 and the package would be about 2#.

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