Jun 1, 2017
I will be using two docile silkie chickens for animal assisted therapy. I will have to keep them away from the flock until they are integrated and I'm thinking I would like to use a coop that is also portable. Something small since it is only two that I can fit in an SUV to use when I transport the chickens to therapy with kiddos. I'm not very handy but in looking in to the Eglu coops they're really expensive. Has anyone tried this before? Any ideas? Thank you!


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Thank you! I'm looking for something that fits IN a car rather than something you hook on to the car. I have a dog kennel for transporting them, I'm wondering if there are options for something small that might function as a coop as well. are just looking for something to "move" them from place to place?
A regular old box could work.
A simple wire dog crate.

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