Portable Chicken Run?

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    Oct 2, 2012
    We currently have a coop with a covered run for our 12 chickens. I was hoping to free-range them part time, under supervision. But on day 2 of supervised free ranging, a brave fox still managed to nab one of my girls. The hens were foraging near the coop, which is near the woods in our back yard. I was in the yard with my three kids and the dog, but that didn't deter the fox!

    Anyway, our original plan was to put up electric fencing around a large area surrounding the coop, but theres a LOT of shale in that area, and we could never get enough posts down in the ground.

    Now we're wondering about making a portable chicken run. Something we can put the chickens in first thing in the morning and set up in a fresh spot so they can forage all day, then let them back in the coop at night.

    What do we need to keep in mind when we build this? I know they will need part of it to be sheltered for shade, nesting boxes, water. Is there anything we are forgetting?

    Hubby wants to frame it with PVC, which should make it lightweight.

    Just looking for wisdom before we start making concrete plans!
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