Possible Allergy to Duck Eggs??


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My husband has been having tummy and pooping issues lately..(tmi, sorry)
At first it was just an upset stomach.. then after he tried the duck eggs for the first time it turned into diarrhea, etc..

Last night I made cookies, using duck egg in the batter, and each time he has eaten a cookie or 2 it starts again..
Is this typically how a Duck Egg Allergy shows itself?

He has no other symptoms..
And we just started eating the eggs for the first time ever on 3/1.. Myself and our 2 daughters have no issues at all after eating the eggs... so its not the eggs themselves..

Any ideas/tips are appreciated.
I recently found out I was allergic to duck eggs. My main symptom was nausea. I had been eating duck eggs for about 6 weeks

when I figured it out and I was having progressively worse nausea. No one else in the family had a problem with them so we know

there was nothing wrong with the eggs. If your husband is allergic he just has to avoid duck eggs. When I cook eggs now I cook

my chicken eggs first in the pan to avoid cross contamination.
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Do a quick skin test, but have some benedril on hand. Beat up some egg and put a drop onto the forearm. Leave it there for 5 minutes and wipe off. Do you see any swelling? If yes, then he is allergic. If you not see any swelling repeat but this time use a needle and scrape the skin a little bit. Not puncturing, since you don't want any blood. Wait 5 minutes or watch for itchiness or swelling. If you see swelling this time then it is confirmed. It is most likely not an allergy if you do not develop any swelling. It could be a bug and every time he eats it starts up again. In the case of the bug wait a few days until it clears up.
I eat duck eggs because that is how I react to chicken eggs. The proteins in every type of bird egg is different. You can be allergic to one and not the other. I am not allergic to duck or quail eggs. Chicken eggs are an issue for me.
Thank you for the replies.
We're pretty sure he is allergic. I think we will wait a week or so, then try again.. and if he has the same symptoms we will know for certain.. I will talk to him about the skin test too.
My girlfriend has the same reaction to our duck eggs she has the same problem with bannas she thinks it is a reaction to potassium
Interesting. My hubby is also allergic to Strawberries and Watermelon.. they make his throat swell.
Not sure of any correlation there.
A skin test will not help you to determine if you have digestive issues. What we commonly call an allergy can actually be an intolerance.

We say allergy because other people will understand that we need to avoid the food. When you say intolerance people don't understand

or take it seriously sometimes even though it needs to be avoided the same as an allergy.
I agree with the last post. An allergy is when your immune system reacts to proteins in food/substance. Intolerance is when your digestive system has trouble breaking a certain food down. Diarrhea, constipation, upset stomach are all signs of an intolerance. But they can also accompany an allergy.

Allergic reactions usually include swelling, inflamation, possible fever, chills, mood/behavior changes, hives, rashes, vomiting and so on. I personally have my lips swell up followed by upset stomach, diarrhea/vomiting, eczema, and cranky-ness. Since your husband has other allergies, and I haven't really heard of an egg intolerance (though I don't doubt it could happen). It would be fairly easy to chalk it up as another allergy or sensitivity.

I also think of our less severe allergens more as sensitivities. There is a post from last year that I dredged up while looking for information on duck vs. chicken eggs an allergies. I found it to be helpful and did a true guinea pig test on myself. Check it out: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=385346
I'm glad that you tested it first before you ate it. It is also nice to find something that works without getting ill. Intolerance is a strange thing. I can't drink 4% milk, but 2% is fine. Ironically I can have certain ice creams which have way more fat content. Not all brands though. I can have cheese regardless of fat content. But here the milk protein have been fermented so they are not the same anymore. Same with yogurt. This really shows how strange intolerances can be. I can only recommend to get allergy shots when you are allergic, it made a difference in my husbands life. They are now doing it with children with peanut allergies. Not shots, but drops. They are so diluted, you could not take a peanut and dilute it to the same point. They found that a lot of those children will become allergy free within a couple of years.

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