Possible avian cholora in flock


Apr 14, 2018
Hi guys, I've just had to bring one of my drakes inside as his wings and drooped and it sounds like he's having trouble breathing (sounds very strained, as if he were completely out of breath) he ended up getting into a fight so it could just be exhaustion but his crunkling was also quite pale when I picked him up and he has very little energy at the moment.

Is there anything I can do or should look out for?
I've got him in our bathroom with food, water and some green beans for extra nutrition. I'm probably going to get some spark juice later on to mix in his water for him
I'm still with him, his heart rate is crazy fast, I can hear it in the quiet of the bathroom and his breathing is getting worse. Please can anybody help
Finale update, unfortunately Leo has just passed away.

This was incredibly sudden, he had no symptoms of any sickness yesterday and was walking around happy as anything. My quick google search suggests it could be avian cholora, if thats the case im still waiting for a reply from our vet.

But does anybody have any suggestions as to what i may be able to do?
If fighting he could have had internal injuries? Before I brought home the last surviving Muscovy drake that was below us in the river there were 3 to start with,We witnessed 2 fighting and by the time I could get to the one that was getting the worse of it he was in bad shape I set him up I in a large dog crate and although his face was a bit bloody and he was dirty I couldn’t see any external injuries but he must have been injured internally he was gone by the next morning. I am so sorry for your loss I’d def have necropsy done to set your mind at ease.
I hope, for the sake of the rest of my flock it was internal. He seemed a little off first thing this morning when i went out to refill their pond and drinking water containers, went out not 30 minutes after and saw the fighting but he was basically just laying down. Brought him inside and as you can see from the time stamps he was dead not an hour later.

A mucous, yellowy kind of liquid came out of his mouth when he did pass. I am going to be heart broken if it is avian cholera as a week ago i brought 2 new girls into our flock from someone who i bought them off, typical incubation is 5-8 days apparently. If i've brought this into our flock and have to cull all my girls and my other hand raised boys I'll be just devestated.
Honestly, I have no idea if it's common or not. But like I said, I've only gone off of a Google search for what was initially wrong. I'm still waiting to hear back from our vet

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