Possible broken or dislocated wing?

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    Tonight I came home and my son had let the girls out to roam. I went out to talk to them, drink a beer (long day of jury duty) and do some yard stuff. I noticed that Sophia our BO big girl's right wing looks out of place. No trauma that we are aware of, not sure what could have happened. No outward puncture, it just is hanging lower than it should the top of the wing does not look set in the joint as the left is.

    I suspect dislocation, although I could be wrong.

    I am a WUSS and have such a hard time dealing with this side of being a chicken mom. I don't want to hurt her. She laid an egg today. IS totally possible that the injury happened post egg, but she seems otherwise normal scratching around the backyard, sharing popcorn with my son.

    I have read on forums about binding the wing into a more natural position. Will have to wait for my hubby to come home for an extra set of hands, but does anyone have experience with this?

    Pictures of Sophia's weird wing:

    Blanche (BA) and Lena the Aussie got in the way for this one.




    Thanks in advance for your always awesome advice and suggestions.


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