Possible D'anvers?

Not d'anvers they have no beards. Maybe old english
Between this thread and a thread I posted in another forum I believe your correct! Mystery solved, thank you both. So glad to have these little guys. do you by any chance know at what age you can normally tell the sex for this breed? both of them have next thing to non existing combs,no red tint, but they are so spunky and rooster-like! They love people, jump up on u if your sitting down. They are hilarreous. They are so small but act like they are huge. Even with my much larger silkie chicks. Its very confusing to me because Im used to silkies. Even my roos are very laid back. Not as much as the hens, but nothing like these little ones. Im not sure if its normal for even pullets in this breed to act like this or if they are roosters.
You have two pullets! I would almost swear to it. In those two color patterns the roos and hens look totally different and they would have little red combs by now if they were roosters.

OEGBs are little chickens with big attitude.

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