Possible double-yolker?? Help!!


10 Years
Jun 28, 2009
I have a big ameraucana egg under my broody hen right now and im starting to worry that it might be a double yolker. It's larger than all the other eggs and quite round. When i candle it, i can barely see anything; apart from the air sac, the rest of it is all black. Veining is visible but difficult to see. im worried because considering this is a light blue egg, i thought it would be easier to see through, but i can barely make anything out of the mass in the egg, apart from a couple of veins. Even the brown eggs that i have are easier to see through... Is there any way i could tell for sure that it's a double yolker?

ps. sorry i don't have pics, my camera isn't very good with close up pics, and it really is just a black mass apart from the air sac near the bottom...so i don't think a pic would do much good...
I'd say ride it out whats the worst that could happen
I just hope it hatches. I only have one ameraucana egg and i'd be darn upset if i found out it didn't make it because it was a double yolker....
that got me thinking. two fertile embyro's in one egg???? then you would have twins. or the embryro's won't develope beacause there isn't enough room??? interesting.
I'm not sure if it's a double yolker, it just seems so tightly packed in that egg... big chick perhaps?
but it is definitely developing. I can see it moving at times too.

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