Possible egg bound Amerucauna, and had a problem with maggots also

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    Jul 27, 2010
    Went to close the door and feed our hens today and one was acting injured lifted her wing and she had a lot of maggots crawling on her, first I thought she might be injured so we isolated her and sprayed fly/ maggot spray on her. We then gave her a bath a while later with baby shampoo and rinsed her with vinegar water rinse( some searching around we had come up with this online). Checked her over to see if she is prolapsed or injured, from the looks of things Im leaning toward egg bound- could feel a hard egg shaped bump back by her thigh and her vent looked swollen but not bleeding. Treated her with red kote( only thing I had available at this time of night to help keep the maggots from reappearing) She seems lethargic and can only walk hobbled, this was our most assertive hens and catching her is usually quite a chore. She hasnt laid in 3-4 days for sure didnt notice right away cause we've had her miss days with no problem before.

    Just wondering if the maggots are a sign of internal injury and thats she gonna go septic soon or is there more we can do to help rehab her?
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    Jun 27, 2010
    I had a maggot problem once and one dose of Swat nailed it. I did an extra dose a few days later just to be sure. The Swat just suffocates them. I kept doing the bathing and they kept coming back until I dosed it with that. Actually I think the reason our rooster got the maggots was because of a dirty bottom he got when he had diarrhea. No, I don't think it's from something internal. That's not to say she couldn't be eggbound also. I think you'll have to address the maggots first and go from there.
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