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    May 24, 2010
    I have a two year old Wyandotte. I have to admit, this is my first sick chicken and I am feeling bad, because I am realizing that she is sick a little late in the game. She has had white, sour goop around her vent for a few weeks. I thought she was dealing with pasty butt. We have two Wyandottes and they lay in the same box, so I cannot tell which chicken is laying or not. I did notice her returning to and sitting in the laying box over and over again, but I have another broody hen so I thought nothing of it. Today I went to clean her off and I noticed that she is rather lethargic, all bunched up and that her tail is at "half mast". I had also noticed that what I thought was poop - smelled rather sour. She is having trouble moving herself around... and I have seen her eat only tiny bits here and there. Now, after some extensive web research I am thinking that she may be egg bound and if so that she has been egg bound for several weeks. I am getting ready to soak her for 30 minutes, but have read mixed things about lubricating the vent with my finger (i have latex gloves) and am wondering about using a syringe to squirt a little warm olive oil into the vent... or am I dealing with something completely unrelated? Any help would be tremendously welcome! All of my other birds seem fine.
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    How is your girl doing? I have no experience with this yet, but know there is a wealth of info. Use the search link in the upper blue bar - just above your logged in name - this search will allow you to define your search by title or thread body, forum section, ect. I would search egg bound and internal layer.

    Sorry I am no quick help. [​IMG] for you and your girl


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