Possible egg bound hen

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    Mar 13, 2016
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    One of my older hens, 1.5 years old, for the past month has been having difficulty laying eggs. She seems to lay almost everyday, despite having gleet. Today she got lethargic. Laying in the corner passing a very watery stool. So I gave her a warm soaking cleaned her vent, and massaged her lower abdomen. After about 20 minutes I took her out of the bath and let her roam the yard. She found another quiet corner and proceeded to pass this strange undeveloped yolk, with what seemed to be a malformed egg membrane but no shell. After seeing that we decided to soak her again in warm water. Applying some olive oil to her vent to assist her in passing any more eggs she may have. It's been about an hour and she's yet to pass anything else. Currently she's in a kennel in a darkened bathroom. I'm trying to keep her cool and calm without the other hens around. And so I can monitor her through the night. Here's a photo of the strange egg she passed. [​IMG] any help or advice would be appreciated. We haven't manually checked to see if there are any other eggs lodged in the ovaduct, I don't know if I should check.

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