Possible egg boung but not sure

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    I have a new hen that I got last Wed. Last night when putting her to bed I noticed that she had a droppy butt. I felt a mass in there and was able to move it around. Not sure if this is an egg or not. This morning I went to the local feed store that knows about chickens and asked what to do. The guy said to give the hen mineral oil along w/ put it in her feed. Well, the problem is I really don't know if she is eating. She has gotten very thin since me getting her on Wed. The previous person that owned her gave her strictly dog food as her diet (I know bad). Now, that I have her I have her on a proper organic diet, however I don't know if she is eating. I really don't see her pecking at the ground to much. She doesn't seem to be stressed or in any pain. This afternoon I gave her some more mineral oil and gave her some homeopathics to help w/ the blockage. This morning I did use rubber gloves and put some olive oil on the gloves and went in her vent to see if I could get the egg. When going in the vent if there is an egg there is there another orafice that you have to go thru? If so how do you do that? It would be nice if she would pass this on her own. At what point and time do I need to start worrying. Tomorrow I plan on giving her a warm bath (hopefully it won't be raining here) and massaging the area to try to get the egg (if it is in fact an egg) to pass. If feeding mineral oil what is the time frame it would take to pass the egg?

    I tried taking pictures to post here of her bottom but it's kind of difficult when you have a hen that is screaming her head of like she is going to be killed.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I posted on your other thread

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