Possible Eggbound Hen, STARTS at Post #4, Update: She was constipated

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I have 2 standard hens that havent layed in a day or 2. One I know is my light brahma and the other is one of my 2 EEs. Can someone please tell me what to look for and if they have these signs what to do. Oh and do hens sometimes skip a few days so I shouldnt worry at all?
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I've notice that my hens seem to skip a day. It seems to occur in a cycle, although it's been so long since I've had just one active layer, I don't recall what that cycle is.

It's hard to tell who is & who's not now.

Good luck & I have my fingers crossed for you!
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Thanks that gives me some relief because I just realized today that those 2 were skipping and I flipped my lid.
Especially since Goose the brahma (yes I have a chicken named Goose LOL. WHAT? Thats what she sounds like LOL) is like tied for my favorite hen with Carmelita the Millie D Uccle.

Even though im pretty reassured I would still like to learn about hens being egg bound. So keep the posts coming
OK good news and bad news. The good news is that my Brahma started laying again. The bad news, my psycho EE hasn't. I checked her out today and she has liquid on her butt feather and when I flipped her over I started to feel for an egg. I couldn't feel one but she seem to be in pain when I touched that area. How can I tell if she is egg bound and if she is, what do I do? Should I put on my vet gloves and see if I can feel one... you know where? As much as I dislike her personality I do not want to lose her
. Some one please help me ASAP.

ETA: She been like this about a week
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Not that I would know, but it won't hurt anyone but her to check would it? And it might save her life. Better for a chicken to feel violated than eggbound.
But ive heard I could damage her if I stick my fingers in there. Plus I was looking up eggbound hens and I only noticed the dirty rear end and the not laying. Are these 2 signs it or am I being paranoid... Ok im going to go put on my gloves... oh joy. Im not going to log off though so keep posting advice please. Im praying I dont mess her up
OK I did it. Not the best experience, not the worst. Sorry this is sorta gross but I think its a soft shell. Can some one tell me what I was supposed to have felt. I had her upside down (only way for her to stay still) and if she were right side up I felt a soft egg shaped mass above that area. Is that and egg, before psycho chicken gets a bath? Oh and in case anyone was wondering, her name is March Madness aka Maddie.

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