Possible Eye Infection


5 Years
Jul 2, 2014

I bought this 6 week old blue Ameraucana and recently noticed that her left eye doesn't look normal. I have noticed a slight discharge, but her overall health seems fine. Any suggestions on what it is and how to treat it?
how pretty. i notice some feather loss around the eye as well. no mites? i would guess an injury if no other symptoms but just a guess
She does have a little conjunctivitis that can be a symptoms of some respiratory diseases such as MG or coryza. From the picture, her pupil does not look very clear and sharp. How does it compare with her other eye? Have you had any other birds that have had a respiratory disease, or have been sneezing, runny noses, or noisy breathing? Putting some Neosporin or Terramycin ointment in her eye while keeping it clean may help. If it is respiratory, oxytetracycline in the water or Tylan 50 injection given orally 1/4 ml daily for 5 days may help. Here is a link to read about resp. diseasesto read about the ones that cause conjunctivitis: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ps044
Thank you for your replies. She is such a sweetie and I can't wait for her eye to get better.

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