Possible first Hatching Experience

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6 Years
Apr 20, 2013
I have my chicken eggs in automatic rotating incubator and then place the eggs in a egg cartoon with the air sac upright on the 18th/19th day so that they wouldn't rotate. Was, this an OK thing to do? I also lets some water soak up into the cardboard egg cartons so that this would increase humility during the last day. Was, this an OK thing to do as well? Am not going to bother them anymore and mainly let see if they hatch or not.

This is my first incubating attempt. Mainly need responses to those questions, curious if I possible did a big no no or a maybe lets see what happens?
with most incubators you can turn the turners off. the pressure of the egg carton may also keep your chicks from piping through. I lay mine flat on their sides. im not sure if I read to do this or not, just how I always done it.

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