Possible Gapeworm?


Apr 26, 2017
Forgive my ignorance on all chicken related things--I'm in a panic. I went to the coop/run today to check on my girls and while I was cleaning out the coop I could hear one making an almost cat sound--Very high pitch and like a squeak.(Of course I can't get a video of her doing it) As I observed them longer I noticed my Barred Rock was the one making the noise and also wheezing. As I am a crazy person I immediately thought the worst and have separated her from the rest of the flock. She's currently in a small pen in our garage. I've felt around to where I think her crop is and it feels like a bean bag. If you tap on it, it feels like it's filled with fluid and small rocks. Maybe food? Like I said, I'm a newbie with chickens so I'm not sure if this is normal. She definitely didn't like me feeling around it. Her comb is flat, but no spots or dryness and there's no discharge from eyes or nostrils. I wish one of you could come by and check on her :(

Update: she's gotten a lot worse. She's gasping for air almost and I feel like she won't make it through the night. Any suggestions on what to do to alleviate anything would help--I swabbed her throat (the best I could) to check for gapeworm and nothing red came up. As I watch videos on YouTube of chickens with gapeworm, I'm almost certain it's that. Feed store doesn't open until 8am and I'm afraid that'll be too late. Any after-hour suggestions? Does gapeworm take hens fast? I feel like she was totally ok yesterday.
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