Possible hip issue, help!


Jun 27, 2019
i have two ducklings a Cayuga and an Ancona. The Ancona is 7 weeks old. They had a bit of a niacin issue 3 weeks ago but with a change in food I haven’t noticed any shaking and walking has been fine. As the Ancona started to really feather on of her wings seemed to sit a bit higher. I thought one wing was just feathering faster and maybe I would have angel wing. Now I think this is something else. I checked her out a bit more and discovered close to her spine up above her hips seems to be a bit enlarged. Her hips and legs are working but after I felt her hips, very gently, she has a slight hip. I currently have her set up in my spare bath tub and I give her at least one but usually two swims a day. I feed plenty of greens and peas along with her starter crumbles mixed with rolled oats. Should I add more niacin? I stopped giving the niacin after I got the shaking handeled and switched to a starter crumble for ducks. Their enclosure is almost finished. They’ll have 20’x16’ to roam and 300 gallon stock tank pond to swim in. Things got delayed due to a redesign after I saw a mink hunting near by. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m going to try to get a picture as soon as I finish posting this. Thanks in advance
Niacin is water soluble, which means it is not stored in the body, so adding more won't hurt her at all. Water-soluble vitamins dissolve in water. Leftover amounts of the vitamin leave the body through the urine, or in the case of birds, the urates vacate the body with the excrement. I'd give her more niacin. I do not raise ducks; I raise chickens and quail. In both chickens and quail, a deficiency in B-Vitamins will present as hip, leg and toe issues, among other problems. You can also "treat" her with foods high in tryptophan because this amino acid—when present in amounts beyond that required for protein synthesis—can be converted into bioavailable niacin. Tryptophan treats will not totally eliminate the need to supplement her niacin as it takes about 60g of tryptophan to produce 1g of niacin, but when you're dealing with a deficiency, it's good to swap out non-nutritional treats for those that offer benefits. Some easy options for your duck would be canned tuna (or salmon), peanuts (or peanut butter mixed with her normal feed, but easy on this, it's fattening and loads of sugar), potatoes and sunflower seeds also offer small amounts of tryptophan. Treats of hard boiled (or scrambled) eggs offer a full range of amino acids and is probably the absolute best treat for birds.
Thank you so much I will try those out in the morning. The Cayuga is about 2 weeks older and they are inseparable so I am trying to find the balance with there diets. The Cayuga had angel wing which I wrapped and now lays flat but I did cut down the crumbles a bit. Maybe that’s what caused this! I gave her some niacin on her peas and put some save a chick electrolytes in their water. I’ll try the peanut butter and the eggs tomorrow till I can pick up some salmon. I have an outrageous number of feeder guppies, would those be good? I have turtles and I put 5 in my red ears 150 gallon tank and now I have at least 100 . She isn’t big on guppies. Here are some pictures of her hip and wing. Pardon the bathroom the had a swim and decided to spread the water everywhere.

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