Possible humidity issue in incubator


Mar 19, 2020
So this is only our second time hatching, and I can't seem to get the humidity to go below 65%. It's only the first day for the eggs but I live in Alabama and it's been raining all day, so I'm thinking that's why the levels are so high. I did put a very small amount of water in when I placed them but it's probably almost gone now.. Is 65% too high for the first few days? We're using a farm innovator with an egg turner and it has a fan. The temp has been steady at 100.5. Should I just check the air cells at day 4? Or is there something I can do to bring the humidity down at least 10%


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Dec 4, 2018
Lakeside, Oregon
I have seen it recommended to put a piece of dry sponge or some dry paper towels in the incubator to absorb some of the moisture.
You know...the hatch we did a month or so ago was our first ever...and I agonized over the humidity. It went UP, it went DOWN - I had bought a reptile cage hygrometer to put in the incubator, and it's also very humid where we live in Oregon. I was sure I was going to kill the eggs/chicks. Someone told me privately that they 'dry incubated' their eggs until lockdown because it was so humid where they live, and at that point I threw up my hands and just kept it above 20% until lock down, at which I DID raise it to 75% to prevent the dreaded 'shrink wrap'. I read that the recommended humidity was a suggestion, rather than a target, and I stopped worrying at that point, except for raising it at the end.
All 8 eggs hatched.
I tried candling, but because my eggs were shipped - bought off EBay, the air cells were wonky so that only made me more certain none would hatch. But they did. That's probably not much help for you, but I'd say do the best you can, raise it at the end, and if you're really worried that you have too much humidity, try the paper towel/sponge trick. Good luck!!!

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