Possible junglefowl?


Flown the Coop
10 Years
May 29, 2009

there he is

next to a hen for size comparison

what is he?
he is super old because when we bought him he had spurs that large, and that was about 4 years ago.

Why is he so small?
Just so you know if you have a RJF or not, look at the coloring of the legs and the light eye shadow on the eye lid...if they have dark blue or slate blue legging and the eye lid is slightly darken then it's a high chance it's a RJF (RJF are also larger than the typical OEG). I know that it's hard to tell a RJF from a BBR OEG bantam from one another due to them all looking alike from the feather coloring but once you're familiar enough with the different breed, you'll know it once you see it.
Hmm, nevermind i'll redrawl my statement that he is a wheaten, he's a little too light to be a BBred, and a bit too dark to be a wheaten.. So he could go either way.
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