Possible respiratory illness

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    May 11, 2011
    I have about 27 layers and they are split into two different groups by age my oldest will be 2 years in Feb. My second group will be 1 year in a couple weeks. I also have another group who are about 4 months old and they all have separate houses that we move weekly enclosed by electric fences at night and the hens free range during the day. We noticed about a week and a half ago that a few sounded funny and were acting odd like they didn't feel good. Lethargic and not laying, then I started to notice a fair amount of feathers around all different kinds. It is August in Texas and the heat has defiantly effected their laying but this decrease is crazy I got 8 eggs from 27 hens yesterday. I have noticed sneezing and a couple with runny noses. I got some Vet Rx and treated the water and every single chicken...that was fun. It seemed to help a little but then I saw one of my oldest chickens tonight and her entire right side if her head was swollen and her eye swollen shut. My vet isn't good with chickens and I'm not sure what to treat them with. any suggestions? Thank you in advance!!

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