Possible Scratched Cornea


6 Years
Oct 28, 2013
Webster Groves, Missouri
Yesterday, Extra Crispy, our 9 month old Barred Rock may have been pecked in the eye by another of my chickens. She now keeps that eyelid closed (going on 28 hours). She is otherwise her usual self, loud, active, social, etc. Breathing sounds normal. And there is no swelling or pus in or around the eye. That is why I don't believe it is an illness of any type.

I have treated it twice with "artificial tears" to cleanse the eye, followed by a light dab of triple antibiotic. She doesn't like it, but so far there are no signs of infection. What I can see of her eye does not appear damaged, cloudy, etc. But of course, I can't get a very good look at it.

My three questions:

  • Will she naturally open the eye again at some point?
  • How long should I continue to treat the eye?
  • How long will the eye take to heal?

Here she is (before getting poked in the eye):

Thanks for any help in advance.
Keep putting the Neosporin ointment in the eye for a few days. Do ypu see any peck mark? If you notice any eye drainage, pus, nasal secretions, rattles/wheezing or sneezing, or eye swelling, there may be a respiratory disease

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