Possible site glitch with emoticons?

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    Howdy [​IMG]

    I wonder if anyone has experienced this or whether it is just me?

    I do not often use the 'Quote' function within a thread and usually just type out my response on a Word Document and then copy and paste into a reply.

    One of the reasons I do this is that I have noticed that if I 'Quote' and try to include an emoticon in my response, it does not show up. If, after the quote/response has submitted, I go in and edit my post to add the emoticon, it works.

    For example, I had to edit this one to go in and put the sad face on as while it was available to click on in the response, it did not show up on the response or after the submission:


    Also, if the emoticon does show up in the quote/response, quite often, even though I am in the body of the text, the emoticon appears at the start of the text and not where I have selected it.

    I am using the Desktop version and Google Chrome.

    I have not been able to narrow it down to a particular emoticon or thread but was just interested to see if anyone else has experienced this?

    Edited to add: I just remembered, I often ‘Reply’ in the Caption Contest threads to congratulate the winner.

    However, if I type “Congratulations, well done!” in my reply and then select this emoticon [​IMG] at the end of the text, it inserts before the text.

    So, again, I usually type in Word, paste in reply and then add the emoticon and it goes where it should.
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