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Jun 16, 2018
Hello everyone,
I'm so sorry if this is a really silly question, I am just new to chickens so I'm not positive what is normal and what isn't.

I have been thinking my chickens have been sneezing, for weeks at this point, but I'm starting to wonder if the behaviour I have been seeing isn't actually sneezing. I googled some videos of chickens sneezing, and every one I found was very different from what my hens are doing.

The sound I have been hearing is a little hard to explain, but it's like the chicken is expelling air quickly through their beak and nose. (Which to me seemed like a sneeze) There is no audible squawking or clucking along with it, and there is no visible discharge. There has never been any crusting around their noses or beaks and all the hens eyes are bright and clear. They have also all been eating and drinking normally, and haven't had any concerning droppings.

I should also add the hens in question have been to the vet and the vet didn't see or hear any signs of any respiratory distress, or notice anything concerning in their beaks or throats. He did tell me if they are still sneezing I could treat them with the antibiotic tylan, but now I'm really wondering if what they are doing is actually sneezing. They of course didn't do what I've been seeing at the vet, so he was just taking my word of it being actual sneezing.

Basically I would like to know if chickens make a little quick exhaling sound normally, or if they are actuqlly sneezing and should be treated with antibiotics?

Any input on this is greatly appreciated!

I have had these poor chickens in quarantine for well over a month now and they would probably really like to finally go outside and have a proper happy life.


Oct 9, 2017
Well, my chickens do it all the time I haven't seen anything wrong with them. I always thought it was normal, since people sneeze, I guess chickens can sneeze too.
Usually when my chickens "sneeze" or whatever it is, it's when they drink water and they get it inside their nose, and I saw in the video you posted that she was next to water, was she drinking water? If she was then I'm pretty sure it's just that water gets into her nose, that's what I think :) Also, sometimes when they eat really fast, they sneeze, I think it's because their throat gets too much food stuck in there and then they start to sneeze.
I hope this helps :3


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Apr 13, 2016
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She's just clearing the water from her nose. Mine do that too. And they "sneeze" and honk when they eat, because the crumble I feed is dry - they don't do it if I make it a mash.

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Seeing and hearing it would be very helpful.
Can you upload a video to youtube, then provide us a link?

Sorry for the delay, here is the video of what I am talking about.

Thank you for the video:)
It looks and sounds like she is clearing water from her nares (nostrils).
Sometimes they get food stuck in the nostrils as well and can sneeze.

If you notice continuous sneezing and they have not been eating/drinking, if you notice mucous or any other symptoms of respiratory illness, then it's time to worry.

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