Possible splayed leg BLRW chick?


Nov 27, 2017
Argyle, Manitoba Canada
Hey all

Picked up 6 BLRW chicks and after picking up I noticed it was lifeless and flopping all over the box.

I took it out and gave dipped its beak in my daughters juice box( literally all I had!) and sat it on my heat vent in my truck!

Chicken little made it home and now 4 hours later is eating,drinking and sleeping a bit more than the others but I suspect it’s playing catch up. It is walking but has a strange stance. More upright and flat if that makes sense...

Any advice?

Should I band the legs even though it’s getting around good?

51636232-DF35-417D-AAC6-9CB584BA25D6.jpeg EA423435-1CFA-4F5A-94D1-67CFD7B669B6.jpeg
It doesn't look like splayed leg from the photo, so it's hard to say. How is she today? I'm assuming the issue is she is kind of leaning forward?

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