Possible Swollen/ Infected Preen Gland

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May 6, 2015
Labrador, Canada
I noticed this morning and again during lunch that one of my female chickens hadn't yet emerged from the coop and remained perched on her roost. It's a sunny day here and this is very unlike her. I managed to move her outside of the coop into the run where she went into a corner and didn't seem to want to move. She seems quite unenergetic. I picked her up and noticed a large, red lump on her back toward her tail. I will need to look at it closer when I get home again in a few hours, but it seems as though her oil/ preen gland is impacted or infected. The area is quite large, red and swollen.

Is there a treatment for this, or something that I can do to remove whatever may be inside? I have Epsom salts, iodine, and tea tree oil if any of this may help. Not sure if she needs antibiotics or not, and perhaps it's not even a swollen gland? I didn't notice any puss/discharge. We've had chickens for a year and I have yet to experience this with any of the others, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

NOTES: chickens were dusted with DE two days ago. They have constant access to fresh water, feed and crushed eggshells, and a run with access to fresh air and sand to dust bathe.
Someone else had this happen and they lanced the side of the abscess with a sterilized sewing needle and were able to squeeze out a bunch of gunk.

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