Possible to be egg bound during molt?


6 Years
Jun 13, 2014
Hello, I have a chicken acting egg bound (tail down, chest high, walks carefully, sits frequently), but I'm in need of some veteran advice. I'm not sure if egg bound is likely, as she's also at the beginning of what looks like a hard molt right on schedule, and already hasn't laid in quite a while.

She is pooping some, and it doesn't look unusual, though a little wet. She eats and drinks, but is definitely staying off her feet as much as possible. Her behavior is also little different from the usual molting grouchiness, with the high chest.

What do you think? Egg bound? Is that even possible? Molting malaise? Something else?

I've had hens that spend a few days of the molting period isolated and resting.
They usually perk up a bit, but still may not be as active as usual.

Definitely check her out...from vent to down between legs for any abnormality.
Handle carefully tho, those pin feathers are 'uncomfortable' and if broken can bleed.

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