Possible twins? How to be sure?


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5 Years
May 24, 2014
I have 10 Silkie eggs in my incubator on day 18 today.

One already started to internally pip yesterday.

I noticed something while doing one last candle check up before lockdown, which i have never seen before during hatching when i candled yesterday.

I saw the chicks head and beak on one side in the air pocket, but on the other side i noticed another dark bump, which looked to be moving seperately.

At one point the bump with the beak moved very slow, but the other bump moved very active.

I am almost afraid they might be twins, even though the changes are very odd.

Is there a way to be sure? Maybe weight the egg?
I haven't really suspected that there might be twins in there, otherwise i wouldn't have put the egg in the incubator.

On other egg has internally pipped, but it looks very different from the egg i suspect there might be twins in there. This one looks like there is more room inside.

I just hope i am mistaken, otherwise i won't have living 1 chick out of that egg at all.

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