Possibly Actually Effective Hawk Deterrent

Wonder if they will adapt to it like they do other scare tactics?

It is a big concern at Whiteman AFB. They really don't like to have bird strikes on a $2B plane.
Looming eyes (the one that work best) are similar to the balloons with eyes they sell as hawk deterrent.. but they were moving


from https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0204802
Yeah, I saw the article a few days ago. Very effective, but the eyes need to zoom in slowly, as if you are getting closer to them. That is the theory about why they work. Feels like you (the bird of prey) are about to run into something with big eyes.

So not doable for most of us since we don't have the ability to have a couple big screen TV's with "looming eyes" playing on a loop.

If you want to read the "real" study that prompted all the news articles, here it is from Plos. Pretty lengthy study. I assume it is "open access", but I have a lot of browser ad-ons that might let me see it even if it is supposed to be behind a paywall or something. So it might just be open access to me. Haha. Sorry if this link leads to a crappy summary and not the entire study for you.

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I can access it. Authors of study used video display because it was the most practical / flexible for their setting to test multiple images. May be possible to simulate best image only using a simple mechanical design.
Approach might work to keep chickens away from areas like gardens, possibly even property boundaries. Think of the patent opportunities if device could be setup to work a solar charger using a very simply clock mechanism to drive it.
Super neat article. Hawks are my most hated predator, besides coyotes. I lost my dear sweet Serama rooster to one today, and it broke my heart because it was my fault. I shouldn’t have let the chickens out, knowing the risks of aerial predators this time of year. Little Ricky is now dead, and I am very upset. I’m only relieved that the wicked raptor didn’t kill my Polish pullet Lottie. That would have been an even worse blow, because she is our favorite, and we still have 3 roosters left

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