Possibly broody??


May 8, 2015
I have a hen who in the past has been broody. One day she disappeared while free ranging and I thought that a predator had taken her. Three days later (today) she showed up on my back porch puffed out like she was broody. I sat some food close to my porch and came back inside. I soon found a small nest with two eggs just off the side of the porch. She is leaving the eggs, and walking around the yard, but has not returned to the coop..... so my question is: Is she broody or has she just found a new nesting spot? Should I leave the eggs for a few days to see if she adds more? Will they walk away from the eggs before they decided to fully sit and brood them? Thank you for your time and advice!
It's hard to say. Normally they collect eggs for a week or more then start the 24/7 sitting. Maybe she is in that early stage.

Don't make it too easy for her to eat and drink. If she does start sitting in earnest. she will need any exercise the allows herself. A broody is easier to manage, also, if you hve a separate pen big enough to hold her nest, the food and water, and a little walking around room.
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