Possibly fertilized egg question

Erin K

8 Years
Aug 3, 2011
When we went to buy some fresh eggs tonight (my pullets are not laying yet and I wanted eggs) one of my sons saw an egg in a coop and the lady let him have it.

The egg is likely fertilized. I tried to tell her to keep it because she is breeding chickens on purpose, but she insisted Ethan keep the egg.

So he cuddled it all the way home and I explained how we can't really put it under one of our chickens and get a baby, we are not equipped to raised a chick, our pullets are probably too young to sit on an egg, and my husband made me promise no more chickens.

He agreed that it would be fine to eat it.

So I boiled it with some others for them to eat for breakfast tomorrow.

The question is will it look different? I mean he's SUPER compassionate. If he sees anything that even remotely looks like a starting of a baby chick he will freak out. Even if it's just a glob of ick or something.

The egg was definitely laid today. most likely 3 hours ago, they had checked after the teenager got home from school, then it was there when we got to that coop.
Kickin' Chickin' :

A freshly laid egg,even fertile, will look no different. Eat on!!

Thanks! I thought so, but wanted to make sure I don't have a horrible crying surprise in the morning. Can you imagine!

My 6 year old was all, "mommy we have to eat it, what if you threw it away and it was warm enough and the chick hatched in the garbage and died" Where do they come up with this stuff?

The 5 ear old, whose egg it is, kept asking if he could sleep with it tonight. A raw egg? Really? Silly children.

I ate some of her normal eggs just not and they were SO YUM​

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