Possibly Something Stuck in Gander's Throat Need Help Please!


7 Years
Feb 15, 2012
Central Maine
I just noticed one of my ganders looks to be having trouble with I think something caught in his throat. He is swallowing a lot and every so often will seem to gag and shake his head as if trying to dislodge something. last time he had white colored fluid come out when he was shaking. He doesn't appear to be in distress other than what I've described.

I was able to catch him at one point and tried to open his beak to look and was not able to even get a look as he is rather opposed to the idea. He let me know by giving me a good bite on my fingers.

Now what? I have no experience with this and obviously do not have a clue on what I should do.

Strangely enough one of my ganders was exhibiting the same symptoms... he kept shaking his head and his "voice" changed too. We massaged his throat and chest area to no avail - he continued to have problems, the next day we thought he would die.. he stopped eating and we decided that teh only alternative was to try and flush through whatever it was that seemed to be blocking him... we put a hosepipe in his mouth ( holding his head high at the time ) and it worked!

I am not suggesting that the problem is the same, nor that our actions were right... I am only relating what we did to try and help him out - he is fine and VERY noisy now- some two weeks later.

It may be an idea to post on the goose site - a lot of people there have greater experience than i do and may offer some suggestions.

Good luck with him!

thank-you for the responce!!!!! I've got to try something. He's breathing fine but something is in there. I can't do this tonight as I am by myself and can't hold him and put a tube down myself. Someone just suggested giving him bread to try and move it down.

who knows what's right? all I know is that I have a gander with problems and want to help him. he can't tell me so I have to guess.

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