Possibly verry bad dehydration?

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    Jan 17, 2017
    Hello, I have a rather old mix welsummer that had fallen off her perch at night, and was laying on the ground all stiff but still alive. Her skin is verry tight and she couldnt hold her head up. I have given hedr lots of water with chicken hydralites and now has her eyes open and bright looking and can hold ber head up. It was verry hot yesterday and last night but she had aater available and i had sprinklers on for them. But she still cant stand and im not 100percent sure that she has feeling in her feet. If she dosnt have feeling, will she ever be able to walk again? She waz my firzt chicken to ever have and i hand raised her, she is by far one of my favorites and is nealy 9 years old but she is still laying.
    Can anyone help?
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    Jul 19, 2016
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    Keep her isolated in a cool place and give her drops of electrolyte water often.She is probable very stressed out right now making it seem worse then it already is.Keep us updated.
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    Welcome to BYC, and sorry about you hen. If it is hot she may not be drinking enough due to any number of reasons. It might help to put electolytes in the waterers on the hottest days. I would keep her in a crate or pen for a day or so, to make sure that she is eating and drinking normally. That will give you a chance to check her droppings, her crop, to look for mites, and to keep her from being trampled. Look for numbness or paralysis of her legs, dropping of either wing, and make sure she can move her toes. Most electrolytes contain vitamins, so vitamins could be of help with problems walking. If the water gets hot, you can change it a couple of times, make sure it is shaded, and add ice if needed. Since she has perked up some with fluids, I would just make sure that she continues to drink well. There are some diseases that can cause lameness, paralysis, or drooping neck. Mareks disease, botulism, and eating moldy feed can be causes, but dehydration is the most common. Give us an update soon.

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