Post Crop Issue Care...Distressed Pullet...please help!

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    Four month old previously healthy Ameraucana had slightly impacted crop. We were able to dislodge blockage, but chicken is still in distress two days later. Suspect sour crop also as yesterday my husband held her and a bit more fluid (smelly) dribbled out. But crop seems to be functioning normally now. Poor hen is very weak. Started her on Noromycin yesterday so she's had two doses. She is breathing with mouth open, not moving, not eating or drinking.

    During and immediately after loosening crop, she got syringes of water/oil and then electrolytes. Maybe 10ml total. But then we read about how problematic it can be to use syringes. So we've only given her fluid with her meds for last 36 hours.

    She is very weak. I have great control with syringe as it only holds 1ml max and when I give her fluid she swallows.

    Should I be giving her electrolytes? Probiotics (and by this do we mean plain yogurt?) Vitamins? I want to give her whatever she needs to help fight her way back to health.

    She hasn't had any meaningful food for at least 48 hours.

    We've only had our 6 girls since July 14 so we have no experience. Everyone else is completely healthy. Sick gal is wrapped in a blanket for warmth and has been separated since initial treatment.

    No vet anywhere near by that will see chickens so we are on our own. If this looks familiar, my husband had posted last night, but we're getting desperate so I started a whole new post. We want to do whatever's right to try and give this little girl the best chance to survive.

    I thank you in advance for any help you all can provide. This board is our main source of inspiration and information.
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    She died last night. Just wanted to post so no one would take the time to answer. Too many other folks need help. Oh well. :/

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