Post is not showing up? - Buy Sell Trade - Change to topic order

It's on page 4 of Other Poultry BST-
Not in order by time of recent posts at all.

Might be a glitch due to the changeover to auction style?
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Nope, not a glitch. Something we should have done from the very beginning!

We've had a tremendous amount of problems with people bumping their posts to try to get their listings to the top of the BST sections. This just causes a lot of problems for the rest of the forum members browsing experience and levels the playing field.

Starting today, all Buy Sell Trade topics will be sorted by the time of the "Topic Post" and not by "Last Post".

So, no need to try to bump BST listings any more since it won't make any difference.
Nope, you're probably fine with what you were doing.

BST threads are a totally different animal than regular threads. The purpose of a regular thread is to have a discussion. The purpose of a BST listing is to sell an item. For this reason they should be sorted in a different manner.

Again, this is a much more fair and clean system.

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