Post pictures of your duck houses please, please, please :)


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I would love to see more duck-specific houses posted.
1) New to ducks so not sure what size door to make.
2) I've heard that they don't do ramps but, we'd like ti raise the house for air circulation - what height can ducks navigate without trouble?
3) When using the deep bedding method, the door must have a rise to keep the bedding in as it increases but how high and do ducks have a problem with waddling over a "lip"?

I'd love to see what everyone does for their ducks.
I've seen a few great set-ups but want some more.



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Feb 10, 2008
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There is a picture of my house in the first thread in the list above. They hardly use it. They would rather hang out outside, even in bad weather. At least I know it is there if they want it, and they do lay eggs in there.


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Apr 2, 2008
All my birds have access to some kind of shelter. The aviary ducks have an outside house and a pop hole into a barn pen. The calls prefer the outside house and the wild ducks prefer the barn pen. Go figure.

My white runners have just been separated for breeding and they have a barn pen with a doggie door that leads out to another large outside pen. I lock them in the barn pen at night because of fox problems. All the geese free range 24/7 and they come in and sleep by the barn door at night. The embdens share the breeding pen with the white runners and they sleep next to my buffs and dewlaps, only on the opposite side of the fence, in the barn. That is pretty cute how they try to stay together even though they are in different pens.

So, long story short - all my birds like the pens and use them nightly.

This is the barn pens with doggie doors leading to an outside pen

This is the outside pen attached to those barn pens above

This is the aviary from the outside

This is the pophole pen that leads into the aviary (where the wild ducks like to sleep)

This is my barn brooder pen

This is the outside pen in the aviary that the calls like to sleep in


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Mar 4, 2007
Dont have a picture of mine but for my runners it is a Large steel cage on wheels. Belive it was for sorting out mail in the past. A ramp of old hay/straw and they run in at night and the door is latched shut so no preds get to them.

Another group sleep in a horse stall, with lots of bedding.


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