Post Your Best Joke!!!


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Jul 26, 2010
OK Gang, keep it family oriented!

Here's a Buddhist joke: "What's the difference?"

An Existentialist joke: "Why's the difference?"

A nihilist joke: "What is?"
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My intention was to post a really, really bad joke, and that would inspire people to jump in and post better ones.

Did I set the bar too low, or what?
Me thinks you left it on the ground.
Two mates would always meet at the pub after work and then walk home together afterwards. One was crippled and the other one had a hunch back. One night the hunchbacked guy decided he would take a short cut through the cemetary. His mate tried to stop him by telling him about the ghosts "they jump out from behind tomestones and say BOO" he said, No way I am going in there! I am walking the long way and will see you tomorrow!
The Hunchbacked guy was only about half way though when sure enough.... UP pops a ghost and says BOO! (cause Ghosts say that ya know)
Then the ghost asked "what's that on yer back?" He glances over his shoulder and says "It's a hump!" The ghost says Beauty, I'll take that!" and sure enough his back was straight and he raced the rest of the way home.
Next evening he couldn't wait to tell his mate all about it! and it was decided the cripple would go through the cemetary that night.
Sure enough he gets half way through and UP pops the ghost and says BOO! (cause ghosts say that ya know
The ghost says "What's that on your back?" The cripped guy looked over his shoulder and said "Nothing!" The ghost then said ......................................

........................Well Here! Have a hump!
I'm Buddhist and I don't even get it.

I have some really good jokes, but few that I can post here! And don't ask me to PM them either, I'm not that brave! I'll try to think of a couple of clean ones.....
Here's a riddle,

" Railroad crossing, look out for the cars,
Can you spell that without any R's?"

If any body can figure it out, answer.
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