Post your Button Quail pictures of the different color mutations!


6 Years
Mar 17, 2013
Moreno Valley , CA
Hello! Does anybody have pictures of their Button Quails when they were babies and how they look as adults? If u do please post some pictures up I think it would help others to determine how their babys will turn out. I just started hatching my and I have so many colors the weird thing is I the father and mother's are tuxedo and I'm getting whites,wild,silver's,caramel,and some weird looking ones that are cool. The tuxedo babies are so cute!
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there are very few if any true buttons colors. what I mean by that is that the birds can be any color from two parents as they have been cross breed for years as household pets. I have gotten cinnamon, regular and others from my cinnamon pair. the one chick now looks just like mom and she is cinnamon. you just never know.
Oops I read it wrong it says golden pearls they kind of look the same there is this site called sellabi button quail farm they have lots of info on color mutations...

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